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Italian Cuisine

most popular in the world
Taste Symphony and Cultural Heritage
Italian cuisine dates back to antiquity, bringing in influences from different cultures and regions of Italy. It can be considered art, as can many of the country’s sights.

Italian cuisine is famous for its simplicity, fresh and high-quality ingredients, and unique combination of flavors. It is based on a love of food and family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.
It was written in the 5th century B.C. and contained almost 500  recipes. These recipes contained many exotic ingredients, such as parrot meat or flamingo tongues. An example of an Apicyan dish is soup with sparzha from the tails of unborn piglets removed from their mothers' mouths.
Ten books by Apicius on cooking
ancient roman cookbook

Apicievo building

father of gastronomy
He lived in the 4th century B.C. and wrote poems about food in which he spoke of the importance of "seasonal ingredients of the highest quality". Archestratus urged against masking the flavor of food with spices. His best-known work is a collection of recipes called Gastronomia. Already in this time there are references to cheese making.
Italy's first gastrocritic
Sin of Gluttony
After the barbarians invaded Italy, rich feasts were a thing of the past. However, it was this period of history that gave Italians, and subsequently the world, the gift of dry pasta.

In spite of the strict morals, local cooks were able to dilute the strict diet. Thus, the unleavened flatbread became pizza, and they learned to make lasagna from pasta.
In this period, the enjoyment of food was no longer a sign of spirituality. Different methods of cooking in the oven, on coals, and in the fireplace were used. Cooks began to stew meat in sauce. They achieved marvelous flavors through the use of spices.
creating harmony
of each region

unique flavor
For a long time Italy was fragmented and consisted of many small states. The isolation of the regions is reflected in the culinary traditions.

This is what Italy is all about: some people eat truffles, others eat rice with seafood, and others fry vegetables in pork fat. This allows everyone to find something different in Italian cooking.
Florentine steak is also a famous dish here. It is a steak made of beef cooked on coals. Another culinary attraction of the region is a bun with cooked trash called lampredotto.
Sicily’s specialty is cannoli, which are crispy tubes filled with soft cheeses. Fish and pasta are also excellent in this region.
The region is rich in rich seafood, and dishes are often made of tuna, lobster, eels and mussels. There is a gastronomic tradition to roast a suckling pig on a spit on holidays.
She gave the world a lot of dishes, for example, Milanese risotto and cornmeal porridge polenta. It is in Lombardy that legendary wines and liqueurs, as well as expensive types of cheeses are produced. Lombardy is the birthplace of the panetone Christmas cake.
This is where the black truffle is grown. Piedmont is also the cradle of the delicious dessert Panna cotta.
The region’s cuisine is based on vegetables, meat and cheese. Dishes are cooked with pork fat, and olive oil is used to season raw vegetables.
One of the specialties is tuna fried with capers. Eggplants are especially favored. This is evidenced by the common dish eggplant in Parmesian style. It is named so in honor of the parmesan cheese that is sprinkled on the roasted vegetables.
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